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Some of the benefits for Ear candling:
  • Removal of excess wax and allows better hearing, usually immediately
  • Stimulation and detoxification of the lymphatic system
  • Help in removal of parasites growing in the ear
  • Help in clearing mold caused by Candida yeast allergy
  • Sinuses are able to drain and flow freely reducing pressure
  • Improved balance and rejuvenation of the equilibrium

An Ancient Technique for the

 Modern World

Practiced in various cultures for more than 3,000 years, cupping therapy is a traditional form of alternative medicine on par with acupuncture and Chinese massage (tui na). The technique uses cups and suction to create negative air pressure next to the skin to stimulate the flow of body fluid and energy. While research has yet to conclusively support the practice, therapists who use it say this age-old modality decreases muscle pain, improves lymph flow, and can even reduce cellulite.

Ways to Save With Destination Wellness:
- New clients receive a $10 discount credited towards their first massage
- Pay with cash instead of card and receive a $5 discount 
- Purchase one of our three package deals and watch the savings add up!
Package 1: Four 60min massages for $220 ($60 savings)
Package 2: Eight 60min massages for $440 ($80 savings)
Package 3: Twelve 60min massages for $600 ($180 savings) 

-Share your experience with your massage therapist on, email it to Destination Wellness and receive a 15 Min EXTRA on your next massage

-After each appointment drop your email in the raffle jar for a chance to win a free massage from our Monthly Raffle!

A Holistic Way of Improving Your Health

At Destination Wellness, the advanced massage therapies we specialize in are customized around each individual person. A variety of different styles and unique blends of apothecary products are used for each client's specific needs.

Our clients seek out our expertise in traditional areas such as Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Swedish massages. Many clients also come to us for treatments in more specialized areas like sports related injuries, migraines, headaches, tennis elbow, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, accident related pain and an over stressed lifestyle. No matter what the underlying reason for your visit, we take a customer centric approach to all of our therapeutic massages and pain management treatments.

We strive to provide the best massage in the Detroit Metro Area. We believe a regular massage is part of a healthy lifestyle. Among its many benefits, massage has been proven to boost the immune system, reduce pain, enhance tissue pliability and lessen occurrences of headaches, illnesses and injuries. Our licensed massage therapists use a hands on approach tailored to your wellness; offering you the most comfortable and personalized service possible.

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