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Customer Testimonials

"I cannot say enough great things about my experience at Destination Wellness! 10 years ago I was bitten by a poinsonous spider while traveling. This destroyed my lymphatic system causing swelling in my left foot that over the years progressed to my right foot as well. After 3 visits to Desination Wellness I was starting to see dramatic improvement in my feet. Because of Sam I am now once again confident enough to wear any shoe and my feet have never looked better!" 

-Roxi L.

- Chris M.

"Sam is not only a massage therapist. He is so knowledgeable about the body & health. Continuously implementing the newest techniques in health & wellness. A few to mention... Hot stones & aromatherapy (no extra charge!!!!).. Inversion table & free radical exchange.  So many compliments on how soft my skin is after I have been coming to him! Being a nurse on my feet 12-16 hours a day. My body often feels tight & achy. My weekly massage with Sam is what has kept my muscles loose & body young!"

- Amy G

"Sam is my Magic Man! I no longer need any other massage therapist. No need for my chiropractor, or Bin's Asian Massage (whole body acupressure and foot reflexology). Sam is my man! His hands on skills and the knowledge he imparts correct my body so I can now stretch and strengthen effectively. He said 'we must fix the problem first,' and he is right! "

- Judy W

"Sam has a gift for feeling where your body needs help. He alleviated my 'sciatic attack' in one visit. He noticed that my feet may develop bunions if the structures were not corrected by his simple manipulation.  His techniques are  different from mainstream massage but always effective. He is knowledgeable in many methods of massage, so be sure he can perform for you."

- Jane H

Annie was born is 1986 at 26 weeks gestation.  Early on she was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia and later on in 2003 it was discovered that she has an acetabular dysplasia most likely due to birth trauma as she was a "footling breech", she also has scoliosis.Her physical and occupational therapy history dates from 6 month of age, not as a cure but as a means to help with her spasticity.

At 5 years old she had a bilateral adductor release as an attempt to alleviate stiffness. At 11 years of age she had a hamstring release for the same reason.  All these years she also worked with a physical therapy professional in a clinical setting.  She is able to walk with braces and a walker and mist have someone to assist her as needed.

Beginning in 1999 at the age of 13 through age 26 she endured Botox injections in her legs at a frequency of 3-6 months. She also had a procedure called alcohol block, an alternative to Botox. The was used for the same result, to relax the spasticity in her muscles. She is also on muscle relaxers for the last 8 years and has recently completed a therapy with the "lokomat" machine.

Annie was progressively getting worse and Annie‚Äôs mother happen to hear about Sam and his advanced pain techniques from a few friend. Sam has now completed 5 massage therapy sessions and Annie's muscles are progressing better than expected. Annie's muscles are able to be manipulated more easily and her movements are rotating more freely. After this short time Annie was also evaluated by her orthopedic doctor and he is astounded with her process. He has stopped prescribing the muscle  relaxers, the Botox, and the alcohol block treatments

Annie is happily continuing her therapy with Sam under the supervision of her doctor. Stay tuned for new updates on Annie's progress.

- Sharon

"Sam is the Massage/Healer Guru of the World in my opinion and I am a pretty talented therapist myself! Also, I have been getting a massage a week for 3 years and have tried 45 therapists at least! I have had many talented and capable therapists but Sam blows them out of the water!"

- Christa

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